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Balint was born in 1957 in a small city named Poti in Georgia, USSR. His father was French and his mother was from Poti. They met in Paris and came to Poti to start a family. Eric grew up in the loving care of his extended family Poti. He was a lively child, often getting into mischief. His teacher often caught him drawing in class and not paying attention. She finally convinced his parents to encourage his artistic skill by sending him to art classes.

As Eric’s skills expanded he participated frequently in art programs and published his work in local magazines. By the age of 10 he was known in his local community as a creative child with a great deal of potential. His art continued to be his focus through the remaining years of school, sometimes to the detriment of his grades. He made the decision to go to art school by the age of 15 though. He moved to Tbilisi to attend Tbilisi Academy of Art in 1981.

After graduating from the prestigious Tbilsi Academy of Art, Eric became more prolific and more confident in trying different subject matter and mediums than ever before. His talent was recognized by the USSR Union of Artists. Although he had originally planned to become a university professor of painting, and his new contacts in the art world encouraged him to immigrate to the United States. After several years he made plans to move to New York where he spent several years painting and gaining exposure. He was interested in living in a smaller city and moved to Atlanta in 1989. His work has truly flourished since his move to Atlanta. Eric is most thankful for his new perspective on color and the dynamic use of vibrant color in his abstract and landscape collections. He continues to seek new ways to expand on his talents. Eric has exhibited internationally with great acclaim and continues to draw global attention.

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