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Gary Korlin’s training as an artist literally has taken him around the world. His studies include Minnesota at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and the famous Atelier Lack. In Australia he studied the work of the 19th Century landscape painters. He also completed the two year program at the New York Academy of Art, and later continued His study while he and his wife lived in Tuscany near Florence. Having shown his work in galleries in New York, San Francisco, London, South Africa, and France, his work hangs in collections in England, France, Italy, Austria, as well as the United States.

Every painting by Gary Korlin is an invitation for the viewer to enter into each scene and to speculate about what is occurring. He evokes an emotion by creating a mood. Never dictating the specifics, he allows us to draw our own conclusions and to interact with the scene he has painted.

It seems paradoxical that by emphasizing the deep shadows and darkened spaces the artist accentuates the light. His careful use of color and their tonal relationships makes us aware of the subtleties of the scene. The result is an impression of life on canvas that has the illusion of a third dimension. His work is masterful in technique and style and in allowing the viewer to be a participant in the scene.

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