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Her work presents stories of snapshots through the balanced geometry of abstractions. She introduces shapes with strong colors and loosely defined content to set the mood and moves the viewer to an emotional presence. Mia Stone’s work conveys a story in basic, almost primitive terms, creating both mood and presence through vibrant earth tones and elements that have classic recognition value.

Born in rural North Carolina, Mia’s early life was spent outdoors. She developed an affinity for the outdoors and a life in relation to the elements of the earth. As she grew into early adolescence, her family moved to Charlotte- a move not to her liking because it took her away from the land she loved. The city was constraining to her spirit. The shift in lifestyle that accompanied her move was heightened by the family’s avocation to restoring old homes, so it was probably no coincidence that Mia started finding venues for creative expression. Initially, she stated playing the guitar and singing, and later, in college, she took up sculpting and painting.

Mia’s college years were spent at Florida State University with a dual major of liberal arts and fine art. Here she learned to weld through the help of a mentor and started metal sculpting as her primary art form. While developing skills in creative expression, Mia expanded her efforts into painting because of the spontaneity that medium provided. Ultimately, she was successfully creating across the platforms of music, painting, and metal sculpting. Being unconventional by nature, her stage was not the traditional gallery showing or the government funded grant, but the underground warehouse parties and jazz clubs up and down the East coast.

Mia left FSU to study in Prague. Here she continued to develop her art and traveled Europe by motorcycle. This was a time of personal growth and a time to solidify her style and gain exposure to new cultures. Through this experience, Mia became clear about her personal need to make art her life and with this knowledge, she returned to the states in 1993, ready to build her career.

At the age of 23, back in the United States, Mia Stone took work in a welding “sweat shop” to fund a studio of her own. A year later she opened that studio in Atlanta, Georgia, and she has been creating and selling her art out of that studio for the past 5 years. Finally, she feels at home- possibly for the first time since she was a young girl in rural North Carolina. Where once she found passion and serenity in nature, she now draws from that energy and portrays it through the tension and tonality of her art.

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