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Mindelli was born in 1976 in the town of Tbillisi, a republic of Georgia, Russia. Her father was a well renowned artist and teacher in his own right and held a strong, early influence on Mindelli’s pursuit of painting. She produced her first sketches in his studio, and advanced quickly under his rigorous instruction.

The politics of her country greatly fueled her art: the cultural turmoil of her sourrounding acutely affected her, and she translated much of that instability into her early drawing and painting.

In 1992, Mindelli enrolled in the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, where she began an intense program in art history. At the Academy, she felt as if she had finally found a community of peers with the same passions and pursuits as her own, and firmly decided upon as artistic career.

She graduated in 1997, and made a difficult move to the United States to further her studies and broaden her cultural experiences in order to expand her range of artistic themes.

In her current work, Mindelli fuses her love of nature and free expression in her intricate, buoyant floral designs. She is constantly in search of new talent and techniques from which she might learn. Above all, she plans someday to return to her homeland, and pay her respects to the people and environment in which she grew up.

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