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Niro Vasali’s art reflects the strength and drama that is so characteristic of his Italian heritage. His cultural background has a dominant presence in everything he creates, whether geometric patterns or bold abstractions, in acrylics or oils, on linen, burlap, paper or canvas. Niro works in contrasts, pitting strong against weak, producing a tension at the center of each piece.

Niro was born into a close knit family in 1969 in Palermo, Italy. Named after his grandfather- an avid soccer player and his first role model- Niro’s relentless strength and passion grew from both the aesthetic and athletic outlooks that shaped his youth. He asserts that much of his signature style is rooted in this heritage.

Niro’s active childhood also sparked a consistent need for expression. He cannot remember a time when he was not painting, drawing or playing soccer. Throughout high school, Niro pursued both art and soccer. The physical competition of athletics and the mindfulness of the creative process- the exertion and the introspection- were a constant balance in his life. This duality radiates throughout his artwork.

His intuitive ability to balance colors and tonality led him further along a path towards art. As his art received constant praise in school, he also worked in interior painting and remodeling. He enjoyed working with different materials to constantly stretch his potential, a drive that has carried over into his present art.

Upon moving to the United States, Niro attended the Atlanta College of Art, where his artwork expanded and matured. He earned entrance to the Minneapolis Institute of Art and was able to work professionally in that city after graduation. He exhibited at various galleries in Minneapolis.

He returned to Atlanta for a climate closer to the warmth of his youth. In Atlanta, Niro has not only continued to exhibit in numerous galleries, he has also remained a fervid soccer fan. He has come to consider Atlanta his home, blessed by a wife, young son and many close friends. One such friend, Dr. Arturo Lindsey, was also his devoted teacher, and their bond has lasted almost a lifetime.

Over the years, Niro has won a number of awards for his art. His only desire for competition, however, has been internal, challenging his talent to expand and take on new creative efforts. He has recently exhibited his work to enthusiastic response in Atlanta and New York.

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