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T. L. Lange was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania, with natural talent. He grew up in and around Washington D.C. In his early twenties, T. L. Lange made an independent move to South Carolina to attend Winthrop College to study Fine Art. After two years at Winthrop, Lange made another move, this time to Atlanta, Georgia to begin his painting career.

Fine Art painting is Lange’s preferred milieu, although has certainly achieved some recognition as a musician whose band recently released a new CD.

“Music and art play the dominant role in my life.” And in fact, Lange communicates with an artistic flair, “In the liberation from the self, the ripples left are what are remembered. It is this movement that we imagine immortality and what goes well with corn flakes. My inspiration as an artist range from the colossal line of Franz Kline, the spiritually wrenching Edward Munch, the playfully morose work of Paul Klee and simply Kurt Schwitters.”

Strength and technical eloquence define Lange’s works. He has an unerring ability to control his style and technique.

Lange’s work is shown in many corporate and private collections throughout the United States some which include the Doubletree Hotel, Wentworth Galleries, Emory University Hotel & Conference Center and Arista Corporate offices in Nashville, Tennessee. Lange’s works are also sold in six different countries worldwide.

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