Art Consulting
Art Consulting
Residential and Corporate Projects

Water Street Gallery has an experienced staff of art consultants and framers that specialize in both residential and corporate art.

We can search for that perfect piece even if we don't carry that artist in our gallery.

Whether for a one-time purchase or as part of a long-term strategy, our group of experienced art consultants can help you get there. Corporate, private and public art specialties.

  • Experienced Staff
  • Residential & Corporate Projects
  • Large Art Selection on Canvas and Prints
  • Flexible Consultations Available
Design Consultation
Design Consultation
Creating Vibrant Spaces

We offer consulting services to aid our customers with the strategic use of color and space layout. We'll bring a fresh perspective in order to help you create a more 'vibrant' home or work environment.

Color Consulting:

Interior and Exterior paint color consultation is one of our value-added services. We can help you choose colors for your home or business keeping in mind your sense of preference and style.

Space/Layout Consulting:

Your art and your furniture are an extension of your personal style. We can help you create a dynamic living or work environment. We'll help you put it all together.

Installation Services
Installation Services
Putting It All Together

Water Street Gallery performs it’s own installations and art placements; we do not use outside installers.


Your project begins and ends with us. Installation is complimentary for our in-town customers. We can install your other pieces for you for an hourly fee.

For out-of-state projects, we can expertly pack and ship artwork to anywhere in the United States.

  • Expert Installations & Placements
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Complimentary for Local Projects
    (with art and framing purchase)
  • Expert Packing and Shipping Available
    (with art and framing purchase)
Installation Services
Make It Your Own

See something on the site or the gallery that you liked? Maybe too much blue, not large enough or you wanted it on canvas? We can have those changes made for you! We offer our customers the ability to create a new work of art to reflect their personal taste. (See some examples below)

We also have artists available to work on personal commssions.

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Commercial Services
Commercial Services
Creating A Vibrant Workplace

Don't underestimate the importance of a first impression.

People form them the moment they walk in your door. They automatically sense if they've walked into the "right place" or...the wrong one. Make sure your surroundings speak favorably to your clients and reflect your intended message: "I'm, credible, professional, contemporary, established and trustworthy."

In this highly competitive economic climate you may only get one chance to impress potential new business.

We have over 30 years of experience working with businesses and would like the opportunity to discuss your business needs by offering a complimentary in-office consultation.